Thanking you...

Even though this blog is not a published book, I want to acknowledge all the preparation and progressing works that have been contributed to JD Kim Ministries, praying that God may remember each of your endeavor and commitment.

To begin with, I want to thank God for giving me His divine mission to serve Him through JD Kim Ministries. It is all because of His unconditional, holy, and sovereign love that moved our God to send the Son through the Holy Spirit in perfect fellowship that saved me and transformed my life. Being in debt to His amazing grace, with privilege, joy, and humility, I want to offer myself to Him for His everlasting glory and honor. At least, this is what I can do for my Redeemer.

Second, I am so grateful for my parents who sacrificed their lives for me. They loved me when I was a cute baby, when I was a rebellious and stubborn teenager, and even when I lost every pinch of hope and dream. Yet, they still loved me, demonstrating the self-giving and self-sacrificing love of our God. Sure, some may say that loving children is what parents do. They may be right, but I am determined that I would never take it for granted. I want to engrave their love in my heart if I can. A tattoo will break their hearts, so I decline that option.

Next, I appreciate my friends and mentors. My friends were frustrated and broken when I had the accident. They did not know what to say and what to do, but they waited for me, bearing my pain together. God also brought new friends into my life. I am grateful for their friendship. My mentors continuously encouraged me to walk in faith and gave me affirmation to pursue the academic career. Their wisdom and mentoring illuminated me to believe that JD Kim Ministries is God given mission.

Fourth, I also express my genuine gratitude to many of those individuals who prayed for and helped my various needs, and to those countless religious and non-religious organizations that provided me with scholarships, financial assistance, and medical supplies. Their thoughtful help always strengthened me to wheel with Jesus.

Believing that prayer is the backbone of JD Kim Ministries, I am committed to pray, pray, and pray some more that His incredible blessing may penetrate every part of your lives, writing on blogs and sharing my testimony and His transformative and redemptive narrative.

Sincerely His and yours,
JD Kim

ReflectionJ.D. Kim